our process

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The fascination with engagement marketing is understandable. It's something different other than your typical Facebook ad, and what's even better: you can hold it and touch it. But, marketing teams can quickly lose focus with shiny objects like celebrity appearances or augmented reality apps if they first don't begin the planning process with the business and marketing goals. Our agency harps quite a bit on goals. It's your compass. Without them, the event (and your budget) can go off track. So, before we talk about the "fun stuff," we first talk about your desire to move into the Chicago market, or why you are launching a new product line. Once we know where you're going, we can get on board for the trip. 




With goals and a budget in hand, we then get down to crafting a customer experience suited just for you. The platform best for your experience could look like a brand exhibition at a Vegas trade show, a pop-up shop at the Austin Food + Wine Festival, a power users training conference, a festival sponsorship,  or placemaking programming to revitalize a downtown district. We will never put your brand in a box. The experience we design for you will be unique, just like your product and customer.




Working with Lot Thirty Two means you have an entire team behind you ready to provide a turnkey service. Producing an event is like launching a small company; it often requires creative services, web development, mobile integration, video production, PR coordination, media buys, and so on. Our team members are skilled in numerous disciplines to handle most departmental needs. And, we have a roster of incredible colleagues who can do anything that we can't do in-house, providing you, the client, with a full-service solution.

The last step in our process is the measurement of your ROI. Engagement marketing can certainly put your brand out front and center. Everyone loves to see a YouTube video from the campaign go viral and pick up earned media, but how do those brand impressions actually effect your business goals? We generate in-depth business impact reports after the project so your executive team can clearly see in simple dollars and cents what their money bought them.