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The Creare Group brings together many decades of expertise in global sourcing, creative and technical design, and innovation at the textile, garment and brand levels. They had always worked behind-the-scenes as a supplier and their old branding reflected that--a B2B no frills brand. But when the company decided to revamp their image to attract new buyers and begin producing their own retail lines, the low profile B2B look had to go. The Creare Group needed a new brand that didn't depart too much from their traditional mark but still had modern refresh more appropriate for a consumer audience. 


The Agency worked with the Creare Group's CMO to reposition the brand as a marriage between the old and new worlds of fashion design. Our creative team noticed that much of the textile production process had changed little over time, which was interesting considering it provided the raw materials for an industry that was seasonally reinventing itself. The direction based upon these observations was clear--show the process of manufacturing craftsmanship and the products that come out of that process. Hand drawn designer sketches interlaced with workbench textures like vintage paper and inkblots were used as the backdrop for the new craft brand. In the foreground were production photography of spools, swatches, and sewing machinery. The behind-the-scenes brand that had kept to the back of the shop was now at the front of the store selling innovation rooted in a legacy.      

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