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Reliant was the title sponsor for a new holiday lighting festival in the Dallas market and was looking for a special activation to enhance their sponsorship. They were looking for a branded structure where attendees coming to tree lighting could pose for photos and then post to social media. 


The Agency created an elegant holiday scenescape that included an 8' diameter golf glittered ornament, frocked trees, snowbanks, and a picket fence reminiscent of Bedford Falls from It's A Wonderful Life. Mounted to the picket fence was a branded backlit sign and spotlights were mounted on the inside of the structure to provide face light for photo taking. The Reliant photo-op display quickly became one of the highlights of the festival and attracted lines of spectactors waiting to take their holiday photo in front of the ornament. 

services provided

Creative Direction | Art Direction | Sponsorship Activation  

Reliant Photo Op Concept Sketch.jpg
Reliant Display CAD Rendering_1.jpg
Reliant Display CAD Rendering_2.jpg